Starlight Whitsundays

Get an Introduction to Yachting, International Crew or International Bareboat Skipper Certificate while exploring the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, arguably the best cruising and sailing playground in the world. Explore the crystal clear waters around outer reefs and fringing reefs, explore islands and beaches from a perspective few get to see, go snorkelling on coral reefs and satisfy your curiosity to learn, get involved and certified in recreational sailing at the same time. We'll literally get you involved in the sailing of Starlight as we teach you the basics of cruising under sail. We sail extensively in the Whitsunday Islands and for advanced courses, as far north as Cairns waters. Our sail training courses starting in the Whitsundays are internationally recognized in 34 countries and some can be used commercially. If you're looking to start a life on cruising vessels, we'll get you started, and qualified at the same time.

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