Learn to Sail

Learn to sail in the Whitsundays onboard Starlight over 3 days and 2 nights of cruising the Whitsunday Islands. We teach from the very beginning, so no experience in necessary and you'll learn in a relaxed, fun and adult learning environment. There are no written exams. Everything is relaxed and hands on as we coach you through, step by step.

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Sailing Courses

Learn to Sail and get Certified

Sailing Basics Course - For absolute beginners and the curious
Intro To Yachting (IYT) - For absolute beginners and those wanting to delve deeper and go further

Learning to Sail Courses

Every adventure we host onboard is an opportunity to teach our guests about the sailing and cruising life. So, every person, on every trip will take part in a learn to sail course. We offer courses from the very basic right through to recreational skipper courses over longer distances and times. It's not hard, and we cover all the basics so you have an understanding of what's going on around you while we move from each idyllic anchorage to the next. At the end of your time onboard, we hope you're hooked and you might like to undertake further courses with us, or another registered sail training vessel and take your new sailing and cruising skills even further.

During the adventure, at a minimum, you'll get to try handling the lines, helming the vessel under sail, laying the anchor and picking up a mooring. You'll learn the names of the basic components of the sailing boat and a little about safety onboard. We take pride in giving our guests an understanding of cruising under sail and what the cruising life is all about. Those doing more advanced courses will delve deeper into the fascinating world of long distance cruising under sail


An adventure onboard Starlight is all about including our students in what's going on around them. That doesn't mean we want you to work your day away, but we'll take every opportunity to get you involved in the boat and the cruising. At a minimum, we'll cover what you need to know for your course, but if you'd like to get deeper, we're more than happy to get you involved more.