Sailing Basics

This is an entry level sailing adventure where we teach you the very basics of cruising on an ocean going yacht. We'll literally have you on the helm within minutes of departing the marina and over the course of 3 days and 2 nights cruising the Whitsunday Islands, you'll try your hand at all the common skills required to crew a yacht of this type.

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Sailing Basics Course

Start Here for the sailing curious!

Sailing Basics - Course Outline

During your 3 Day Sailing Basics adventure, we'll cover lots of the things you always wanted to know about how a cruising sailing boat works. We'll cover the following subjects (and more) and all in a practical, relaxed environment on a world capable cruising yacht.

This course all the points of knowledge listed below and is a perfect starting point for those curious of the sailing way of life.

  • Life jackets
  • Man Overboard
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Emergency Stations
  • Heads
  • Cabin electrics
  • Toilet and Shower usage
  • Water usage
  • Onboard Power (12v & 240v)
  • Managing hot food and drinks
  • Suitable Clothing
  • Sea Sickness
  • Do's and Don't onboard a sailing vessel
  • Vessel heeling
  • Major Vessel Part Names
  • Standing and Running Rig names
  • Briefings about the intended passage (Shown on chart)
  • Basic line work and handling
  • Handling sails, sheets and halyards
  • Setting and lowering sails
  • Winches - Electric and Manual
  • The Boom and associated dangers
  • Securing the vessel for sea
  • Steering/Helming
  • Tacking and wearing ship
  • Viewing the fringing coral reefs (Optional - to understand fringing reef systems)
Learn to Sail

Learn to sail in the Whitsundays onboard Starlight over 3 days and 2 nights of cruising the Whitsunday Islands. We teach from the very beginning, so no experience in necessary and you'll learn in a relaxed, fun and adult learning environment. There are no written exams. Everything is relaxed and hands on as we coach you through, step by step.